Leica Geosystems

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Plant site with 8 scan positions and imagery. ...

Unit60 - Process Plant

This data set is an example of a Process Plant project. The TruViews contain 3D models and grey scale point clouds. See if you can find the GeotagHotlinks for electric motors and click then to access the hyperlinks to catalog pages for those motors. This example may give you some ideas how your organization might benefit from TruView. Hint: Look in ScanWorld 28 (SW28) on the upper deck of the unit. Site with 22 scan positions.

Blutenburg Castle Munich

11 scan positions with P40 at Blutenburg castle in Munich, Germany


Parking lot

Oregon Bridge

This data set was collected with the new Leica ScanStation P40 using the new HDR imaging technology. You can see how great these images look. See if you can find the saved Markup Snapshots for Mark and Tom. Hint: ScanWorld 8 at the middle left of the bridge. Look in the left panel at the top for the snapshots listed for Bob and Tom. Pick on those listings to get to the saved markup snapshot views. Site with 9 scan positions.


This data set was collected with the Leica ScanStation P20. Using an external camera kit with HDR imaging. The site consists of 56 scan positions.

Notre Dame Cathedral

This data set allows you to visit the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France. See if you can get to the attic which most visitors never get to see. Hint: After entering any scan position, increase the max number of neighbors (left panel) to can see all the yellow triangles of neighbors scans. Keep looking up and picking yellow triangles to move to another position until you get into the attic. Site with 25 scan positions.

Ferry Building, San Francisco

The historic Ferry Building at the foot of Market Street in San Francisco. Data was captured using Leica ScanStation P20.


This data set was collected with the new Leica ScanStation P40 using the new HDR imaging technology.Site with 27 scan positions.